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Individualized Composite Resin Cosmetic Filling

Look closely. This left central tooth was home to a yellowing restoration and the lateral next to it was not esthetically pleasing to the patient who arrived at Nicole E. Pagonis, DDS. Dr. Pagonis enhanced this patient's smile by changing the shape of the lateral tooth and replacing the old yellowing restoration. The final product of this cosmetic dentistry in Los Gatos completed this patient's smile nicely. If you have a similar smile problem contact our dental office in Los Gatos to schedule your consultation today!

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Cosmetic Dentistry
yellow teeth before cosmetic dentistry l dentist los gatos ca bright smile after cosmetic dentistry l cosmetic dentist los gatos ca
Dr. P's local injections are like poetry

I came in today for two crowns and a deep cleaning, both life changing. Dr. P's local injections are like poetry. I didn't feel the needle AT ALL and was numb the entire time. I even had the chance to catch up on some boxing as they have monitors + Netflix = super win. My hygienist was also awesome.

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