Dental Implants in Los Gatos, CA

Losing a tooth can be a traumatic and uncertain experience for anyone. Whether you lose a tooth because of trauma or need to have one or more extracted, Nicole E Pagonis DDS will be here to talk to you about your options to replace missing teeth.

Older man and woman smiling | dental implants los gatos caAt our Los Gatos, CA dental office, we recommend dental implants to most of our patients. There simply is no better tooth replacement around. Dental implants in Los Gatos provide patients with the experiencing of having their natural teeth back.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants in Los Gatos are titanium posts that are surgically placed into the jawbone to take the place of a missing tooth root. After the surgical procedure, it takes a few months for the implants to permanently integrate into the jawbone, much like your natural tooth root. The healing process varies from patient to patient, but it usually takes about three or four months.

Once the implant has fully healed, Dr. Pagonis, your cosmetic dentist will place a dental crown on top of the dental implant to complete your prosthetic tooth. You will be able to chew on the implant without food restrictions because of its stability. It’s really not much different than your natural tooth! It is essential to keep the dental implant very clean. Brush and floss, and include a WaterPik in your daily oral hygiene routine.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants in Los Gatos?

Patients who opt for dental implants are generally thrilled with the results.

  • Stable dental implants in Los Gatos mean no slipping or sliding or getting food stuck as with prosthetics such as dentures and dental bridges.
  • Eat whatever you want, from crunchy vegetables to chew steaks—and everything in between.
  • Keeping your dental implant clean is easy: brush and floss as you normally would. Dental implants won’t develop decay like your natural tooth, but you still need to guard your gum health, so flossing and routine exams and cleanings are key.
  • Dental implants protect the bone from shrinking, so patients will not get the “facial collapse” that occurs over time for denture wearers.

What Is the Cost of Dental Implants in Los Gatos?

Grandmother, mother, and daughter smiling | Dentist Los Gatos CAThere is no doubt that dental implants in Los Gatos are a financial investment that you should not take lightly. But the benefits provided by long-lasting, durable dental implants are well worth it. Not only do dental implants protect your jawbone from shrinking, but you will not have to have your dental implant adjusted through the years as you would a denture. Because caring for dental implants is not much different from caring for your natural teeth, the convenience alone is priceless. So is being able to enjoy all of your favorite foods!

We recommend you talk to Dr. Pagonis and our team about options for paying for your dental implants. It’s an investment that will pay off every day of the rest of your life!

Find Out More About Dental Implants for Tooth Loss in 95032

If you have lost a tooth or know you need a tooth extracted, don’t put off replacing it. Call our Los Gatos, CA dental office to find out more about this permanent fix for tooth loss. With proper home care and routine dental visits, your dental implant can last for a lifetime. Make a dental appointment today!