Dental Crowns and Bridges in Los Gatos, CA

At Nicole E Pagonis DDS our primary goal is to help you enjoy a lifetime of good oral health. But even with excellent preventive care, you might still find yourself in a position of needing a tooth repaired or replaced. When this happens, you can count on Dr. Nicole Pagonis to provide top-quality restorations that look beautiful and last for many years to come.

Dental Crowns for Tooth Repair

close up of dental crowns | dental crowns los gatos caDental crowns can repair a damaged tooth and are made to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your teeth. Common reasons for needing a dental crown include:

  • To repair a tooth with a large filling that is failing
  • To protect a fractured tooth from further damage
  • To fix a tooth that is cracked or otherwise damaged

We also use dental crowns for cosmetic reasons, such as if a tooth is stained or damaged. We can change the appearance of a tooth using a dental crown.

Discover Dental Bridges for Tooth Replacement

When there are empty spaces left behind by missing teeth next to each other, a dental bridge is one option for replacement. A dental bridge is an oral appliance that will be attached to two dental crowns placed on the healthy teeth on either side of the gap where teeth are missing.

Dental bridges today look completely natural, and Dr. Pagonis will work with our lab to create a prosthetic tooth or teeth that blends in beautifully with your smile. They are highly functional, so you’ll be able to chew comfortably again.

Don't Put Off Dental Treatment

It can be tempting to put off needed dental treatment—particularly if your damaged or missing tooth is in the back of your mouth, where it might not be immediately visible. But it’s best to get teeth repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Mom and daughter smiling | dental bridges los gatos caIf you’ve got a tooth with a fracture, you run the risk of exposing yourself to bacteria that can seep in through the crack. When this settles into your tooth root, you might get an infection and find yourself needing a root canal. Chances are, you’ll end up getting a dental crown after having the root canal.

When you don't replace missing teeth, your remaining teeth tend to shift to fill in the empty space. This throws off the balance of your bite and can cause undue wear on your remaining teeth. It can also lead to the loss of more teeth. A dental bridge will keep your teeth from moving. We can also talk to you about other tooth replacement options, including dental implants.

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Don’t let damaged or missing teeth impact your smile and put your healthy teeth at risk. Call our dental office to talk to us about tooth crowns and dental bridges.

We look forward to restoring your smile!