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When you come to our Los Gatos, CA general dentist office, we want you to have as pleasant an experience as possible. Technology is an essential part of Nicole Pagonis, DDS, because it not only helps Dr. Pagonis make better, more accurate diagnoses, but it also improves the way patients go through dentistry.

We invite you to read below to learn how we have incorporated technology into our dental practice to make sure you are getting the best and most comfortable dental care.

Digital Impressions

Having an impression made is not a very pleasant process, but with digital impressions, you can often avoid the goopy substance used in traditional impressions. When Dr. Pagonis makes digital impressions for patients, they are more accurate and much more comfortable.

Laser Dentistry

Soft tissue laser dentistry means patients can enjoy less discomfort following a more invasive dental cleaning. With laser treatment, Dr. Pagonis's hygienists remove diseased gum tissue to promote healing and comfort. Lasers are also used to improve and speed up the healing cycle of cold sores or the herpes virus. With laser treatment, Dr. Pagonis can remove damaged gum tissue, leaving the healthy tissues fully intact. There is less discomfort and swelling after laser treatment than after surgery because there is no cutting—and no need for sutures. Recovery is easier and quicker.

Panoramic X-Rays

This type of x-ray shows a flat image of the mouth, with all the teeth and joints in the same picture. This gives Dr. Pagonis another way of identifying dental issues such as emerging wisdom teeth, jaw joint dysfunction, and even cysts or infection.

Intraoral Camera

It's not always easy to understand why Dr. Pagonis might recommend a specific treatment; what is going on in your mouth is difficult to visualize with only an explanation. This tiny camera enables us to show you on a screen exactly what Dr. Pagonis sees in your mouth while she is seeing it. This can help many patients get a better idea of what is going on with their oral health.

Digital X-Rays

Prevention is crucial when it comes to taking care of your oral health, and digital x-rays enable Dr. Pagonis to see below the surface of the teeth. We include digital x-rays as part of routine dental visits to enable Dr. Pagonis to see things that might not be visible without technological assistance. The tiniest bit of tooth decay might not be visible in a visual examination, but when viewed with an x-ray, we can treat it with a minimally invasive filling.

Digital x-rays can also discover other abnormalities in your mouth, helping to ensure you get treatment earlier rather than later.

Digital x-rays are safer than their traditional counterparts, emitting far less radiation. They are safe for most people, but if you know or suspect you are pregnant, be sure to mention that to us ahead of time.

Television in Treatment Rooms

With televisions in the treatment rooms, you can relax while you’re here and tune in to your favorite program or movie.

Digital Sensors

We know our patients are busy, so we want to make dental care as convenient as possible. With digital sensors, patients can get in and out of the dental chair more quickly. This modern dental technology enhances image quality and patient comfort.

Digital Records

Patient confidentiality is crucial, and keeping records digitally means we can keep your information private as well as easily accessible. Handwriting errors are no longer an issue when your information is typed. Digital records also protect essential information from a natural disaster, such as floods or fires.

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