Periodontal Treatment in Los Gatos, CA

If you notice blood in the sink after you brush or floss your teeth, you might think it’s normal. But bleeding gums or pain while flossing can be a sign that you have an infection in your gums. Also called periodontal disease, this insidious condition can lead to tooth loss if you do not seek treatment. Bleeding from the mouth is never normal; call our Los Gatos, CA dental office to make an appointment for a full examination.

Periodontal disease diagram | Dentist Los Gatos CAIn its earliest stages, called gingivitis, we we are able to reverse the conditions with thorough cleanings, excellent home care, and proper nutrition. But once the disease takes hold and advances to periodontitis, you will start to lose bone, see recession occur, and later lose teeth. The best we can do is manage the condition to keep it from getting worse.

Patients who ignore the condition and do not get treatment will probably start to lose teeth. Gum disease is the number one cause for tooth loss among American adults.

Preventing Gum Disease in Los Gatos, CA

Daily brushing and flossing are crucial to your oral health as well as routine dental appointments. Even if you are diligent about your home care, your toothbrush and dental floss cannot clean all of the plaque that builds up on your teeth. Only a professional teeth cleaning using special dental instruments to remove bacteria, remaining food particles, and tartar.

Signs of Gum Disease

Although sometimes symptoms don’t show up until gum disease has taken a firm hold, any of these is worth getting checked out:

  • Bleeding gums, as mentioned
  • Puffy, swollen gums
  • Chronic bad breath
  • Longer-looking teeth as the gums start to pull away from the teeth
  • Infection between the gum and teeth that may result in odor and pus

Find Out the Status of Your Gum Health at Nicole E Pagonis, DDS

Although your gums might bleed when brushing or flossing, the fact is that gum disease is often present with no symptoms at all. The only way to know for sure if your gums are healthy is by visiting the dentist. This is just one of the reasons why routine dental appointments are so important.

If we discover you have gum disease, Dr. Nicole Pagonis and her hygiene team will suggest a treatment schedule to help get you back on track to good oral health. If the disease is advanced, she will work with Diagram about the stages of gum disease | Dentist 95032you on a program to help stabilize and manage the disease.

The Systemic-Oral Health Connection

More and more studies show a strong correlation between the health of the mouth and the health of the rest of the body. When gum disease goes untreated, it can start to impact your overall wellbeing. Experts connect gum disease to many serious conditions:

  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Premature birth weights
  • Diabetes
  • Certain types of cancer

Make an Appointment at Our 95032 Dental Clinic

If you are overdue for a dental appointment, rest assured we are not here to judge! We cannot change the past. Our priority is to get you back on track for good oral health in the future. Call today to make an appointment for a dental examination at our Los Gatos, CA dental office.

We look forward to seeing you!