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What can my child expect when visiting Dr. Pagonis office?

Dr. Pagonis is a mother of two girls and knows the importance family of four hugging outside l dentist 95032of receiving early dental care. She and her exceptional dental team work diligently to provide a safe, fear-free dental environment for even her littlest patients.

Each child will receive personalized care from both their dentist and dental hygienist in Los Gatos.  Together, they will provide valuable information on homecare, when to see the orthodontist, and how to maintain optimal dental health. You will find televisions available in treatment rooms and a prize box for your child to explore after each visit! 

At the dental office of Nicole E Pagonis, DDS, we prioritize patient health and safety.

Your Child's First Dental Visit to Nicole E. Pagonis, DDS

Our first dental visit with your son or daughter focuses on keeping them feeling comfortable and secure. We recommend seeing your child by their first year, or within six months of their first tooth emerges. Their first dental visit in Los Gatos shouldn't last longer than 30 minutes to an hour.

Depending on how old your child is, our first visit together may incorporate an examination of their teeth, gums, jaw joints, and tissues so we can keep track of their development. If a gentle cleaning is needed, we will make the experience as pleasant and stress-free as we can. This includes identifying any tooth decay and polishing their teeth to remove any built-up plaque.

During our visits together, our dental team will demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques. If fluoride treatments or dental sealants are needed, we can provide any preventive dental service. 

If your child's baby teeth fall out, we will ensure that they do so in a timely manner in order to rely on placeholders for permanent adult teeth. We may use digital x-rays to identify jammed teeth or other dental disorders. 

Schedule Your Child's Dental Appointment in Los Gatos

Your child's primary experiences with dentistry for kids in Los Gatos can determine their future relationship with their oral health deep into adulthood. Our dental team works together to make each dental visit as pleasant and stress-free as possible. Call our Los Gatos dental office today to schedule  their first dental visit. 

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