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How Is a Pediatric Dentist Different at Nicole E. Pagonis, DDS?

April 30, 2021
Posted By: Nicole E. Pagonis Staff
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We take an inclusive approach to children’s dentistry in Los Gatos, CA. Our dentist works with parents to ensure that children get excellent dental care in the office and have a sound oral care routine at home.

We talk to parents about best practices and can even provide nutrition advice when needed.

What Sets Us Apart

Our dental team wants children to feel at ease from the first visit, and we work hard to make them feel comfortable and relaxed with us. We talk to them in age-appropriate language and instill pride in a healthy smile.

We believe that positive associations early on help children grow into adults who do not develop dental phobias.

Dental Care for the Entire Family

It helps, too, when mom and dad are seeing the same dentist. You’ll be able to tell your child what to expect when visiting our dental office and meeting our team.

And a young child can feel so grown up having the same doctor as mom and dad!

Discover Los Gatos Pediatric Dentistry

We can start seeing children around the time of their first tooth eruption. If you notice tender gums or anything unusual, we can see your child before the first tooth as well.

Early appointments include counting teeth and acclimating your child to the team and the dental setting. We try to make these appointments fun and educational.

Our dentistry evolves as your child ages, and his or her needs change. Soon, we are providing dental fillings, taking periodic x-rays, and providing dental cleanings.

We love treating children into adulthood and take pride in providing generational dentistry to patients in our area.

For Children’s Dentistry, Contact Our Pediatric Dentist in Los Gatos

We love caring for little smiles and hope to meet your family. If you would like to establish dentistry in the area, or if it’s time for your child’s checkup, contact our team today.

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